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Video's of T-Shirts being printed

For sometime Apple Screenprint has used video as a way of keeping a record of the method of printing complicated multi-coloured designs to use as reference for reprints. When one of our customers expressed an interest in seeing their design printed, this was after we had already stripped the screens off our printing machine, we were able to show him the video of his shirts being printed. He asked if we would be willing to give him a copy of the video so he could upload it to his website. Upon asking him why he wanted to do this he told me that it would be a novelty for the fans of his band as well as proof that the T-Shirt were genuinely screen printed and not photocopied transfers.

We now offer this video service FREE to all of our customers who express an interest. If you would like to have a free copy video of your t-shirts being printed there are some rules that have to be adhered to.

Terms and Conditions

1. All Artwork has to be original and you have to be in possession of the copyright or the permission of the copyright holder.

2. Any backing track you provide has to be original (No covers of other artists work) and you have to be in possession of the copyright or the permission of the copyright holder.

3. Apple Screenprint reserves the right to use the video and backing track for advertising purposes on their website are websites such as youtube, myspace, facebook etc.

4.The beginning and end credits must not be clipped off the video at any time.

5. By asking for a free video you agree to and accept the terms and conditions above and take full responsibility of any copyright infringement that may arise

This video shows a five colour simulated process print, white, light blue, dark blue,red and white. Printed for DeExpus USA 2010 tour. Music by DeeExpus.   Thtis video shows a six colour simulated process print onto black t-shirts. Printed for Roger Clyne & the Peace Makers UK tour 2010; music by Roger Clyne & The Peace Makers

This video shows a two colour print on black t-shirts, printed for Nativetongue. Music by DeeExpus

The Video shows a four colour Simulated process print on black t-shirts, printed for DeeExpus Half Way Home album. Music by DeeExpus
Senator Football T-Shirts screen printed two spot colours on white t-shirts. Music by DeeExpus. These t-shirts were printed for the Metro Real Ale Team touring 11 pubs in the vacinity of local metro stations around the North East of England, starting in Newcastle travelling out to the coast and returning back to Newcastle. Music supplied by DeeExpus

This video shows a two colour print on grey t-shirts. music by DeeExpus.


This video is of the dragonslayer MCC rally showing a six colour simulated process print. Music by DeeExpus (Half Way Home). Artwork by

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