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To give an accurate quotation we need to see the design to be embroidered.
Your design can be sent as a low-resolution jpg file, we also need to know the size and position where your logo will appear on the garment. Please use the quotation form, which can be found on the quotation page or email with your relevant information.

Embroidery requires your logo to be digitised this is traditionally called a Jacquard. The charge for the Jacquard is a one off charge and is not charged when you have a repeat order.

Waterproof Garments


When waterproof garments are embroidered the waterproofing will be compromised, for this reason we do not recommend embroidering these types of garments.

Minimum Order


Our minimum order quantity that we will undertake for embroidery is 25 garments. The 25 garments can be made up of different types of garments e.g. hoodies, sweatshirts, polo shirts etc.

We do not recommend embroidering t-shirts, as the material of some t-shirts may not be thick enough to take the embroidery process.

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